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About Us

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We are from and for the community of Brisbane; empowering householders, businesses and community organisations to reduce carbon pollution through impactful and local action; and in a timeframe that reflects the urgency of the challenge that we face.

Our Mission
Who we are

We are the community group for zero emissions action.

We have a volunteer committee from and for the community of Brisbane.

We acknowledge the science of climate change.

We seek to collaborate and work in partnership, to influence and inspire government, businesses and the community, to drive awareness, strategies and engagement for achieving a Zero Net emissions, sustainable and regenerative future.

Zero Emissions Brisbane’s priorities for 2022
  • Develop and implement carbon transition plan for our first Ward based project Zero-Net Kurilpa (West End).

  • Work with community leaders to identify and implement high impact carbon pollution reduction actions.

  • Partner with like-minded organisations, in key campaigns areas of Energy, Transport, Built Environment, Urban Design, Environmental protection and resilience.

  • Engage positively with emitter sectors.

Are you looking to do more for Climate Action in 2022?

Calling for volunteers to help implement Zero Emission Brisbane’s 2021 Action Plan.

Do you have a background in decarbonisation action or early career people seeking to enter a carbon transition industry? Please get in contact to discuss how you could get involved.

Are you an Artist or Creative with ideas around communications and engagement, please get in touch - your talents would be appreciated.

Are you a student interested in applying your studies to real world sustainability projects? We may have opportunities for you.

For the committee: Committee, Board or executive level experience would be well regarded. ZEBne’s 2022 governance priorities: finalisation of strategic plan, incorporation and ongoing compliance. Commitment will be 1-2 hours per week.

Want to share your ideas for a Zero Emissions Brisbane in your comminuty? Get in touch and let us know your thoughts. 
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