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Our Advocacy

We want to elevate the conversation around climate change. 
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From 2020, we have a global carbon budget of 440 billion tonnes, which means global CO2 emissions need to peak immediately and rapidly decrease to net-zero by about 2035.


To have a two thirds chance of stabilising global temperatures at 1.5 degrees Celsius of warming (we are currently at 0.8 degrees of warming), 75% of emissions reduction needs to occur by 2030. The benefits of transitioning rapidly and well are substantial.

We need commitments from governments at all levels - Federal, state and local government to targets, planning and actions. 

The greatest and quickest changes we will see in our city will come from the local level. 

Local Councils are the drivers and enablers of meaningful and timely change in our communities. 

Brisbane City Council as the largest Australian and best resourced council has an opportunity to become an Australian and world leader.

Together lets work with our local governments and councillors to honour our carbon reduction commitments. 

We are calling on Brisbane City Council to endorse the science based greenhouse emission targets of:

  • 75% reduction in community emissions by 2030 and net-zero by 2035

  • 80-100% reduction in council emissions by 2030 without carbon offsets

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What changes do you want to see in our city for a Zero Emissions Future?
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