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Research & Data

We are guided by the science, the research, and data.

We are actively progressing various research projects on how we can transition to zero net emissions here in Brisbane.

We will publish our research and data related to the Zero Emissions initiative here. 

As we continue to work on further projects, our research will expand. Watch this space for further additions.


Join Us 

Are you a student interested in applying your studies to real world sustainability projects?
Are you an academic looking to collaborate?
Are you a teacher or a lecturer looking for topics or thesis subjects for your students?
We may have opportunities for you.

Please get in touch!

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Brisbane's greenhouse emissions profile

The greenhouse emissions from across the City of Brisbane are still increasing and with no indication of peaking.

In 2019, with a population of 1,253,982 the City of Brisbane emitted 24.4 Mega Tonnes of greenhouse emissions. Where the City of Brisbane is the local government area, covering 26 wards.

As a comparison, Brisbane’s carbon emissions profile  represented approximately:

  • 16% of Qld emissions with 24% of Qld population.

  • 5% of Australia’s emissions with 5% of Australia’s population.

As electricity and transport are Brisbane’s highest sources of emissions, with 60% from electricity use, 28% from transport and 6% from use of gas.

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